RV-1 Before Cleaning

RV-9 Before Cleaning

RV-6 Before Cleaning

RV-3 Before Cleaning

RV-2 Before Cleaning

RV After Cleaning

RV-2 After Cleaning

RV-3 After Cleaning
RV-10 After Cleaning

RV-6 After Sealing
RV-3 After Sealing
RV Top After Sealing 

RV Top After Sealing

RV-2 After Sealing


Once upon a time, I found slosh coming loose in the tanks of my RV-6.  The job of opening the tank, manually removing the mess and re-sealing the assembly proved so ugly that I chose to build new tanks instead.  This decision added significant time and cost, because the new tanks had to be carefully fitted and drilled to match my hand-drilled wing, and repainted to match.  If I’d had a method to repair the original tanks I could have simply reused them – except for the slosh problem, they were fine. 

In response to my printed moaning,  a customer sent us a brief description of Willmar Air Service in Willmar, Minnesota and how they’d perfected the art of sealing leaking fuel tanks, especially in Mooneys.  It seemed almost too good to be true, but when I checked with a friend who owns a Mooney (a man who has my complete respect in all things airplane) he immediately said “Oh, yeah.  The guys at Willmar.  They’re the best.”

 I took the hint and contacted Paul Beck and he fixed my tank up like new! 

~Ken Scott,
  RV-6 Owner



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