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I am an A&P and do most of the work on our Mooney.  I am always reluctant to take the plane a distance and leave it and not be able to be around to monitor the work, but was not ready to tackle a reseal myself.  After visiting with Paul on the phone and getting good references, I felt he would do a good job.  When my wife and I arrived about noon, Paul was waiting for us and furnished transportation to go eat and drop my wife at the motel.  He had one tank open when I returned and showed me the problems with the tank and explained the process to repair it, including inspecting for corrosion.  As he worked on the plane the next two weeks, he kept me informed with pictures of the stripping and resealing.  Paul has a lot of experience and does excellent work.  I found him to be honest and easy to work with.  It is so good to have tanks with no leaks and know the work was done in a professional manner.

~Bob Becker,
Newton, KS


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